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(GRP Disclaimer)

GRP is a Drama-Free Zone so if that is why you have joined this site then this isn't the place for you. This is a role play writing site, let's make that clear make-believe fantasy role-play.

Dealing with Problems

Try to work things out. If your issue is with another member, and it does not involve creepy or otherwise disturbing behaviour as outlined in the first rule, try to hash out your problem with them, first. Usually, all it takes is being direct and, sometimes, blunt. If that does not or can not work, then you may take it to staff. Harassment and such should always be reported to staff, as noted in the first rule.

Report issues to staff when necessary. If you see an issue, report it. Staff is not omniscient and there can be a serious 'bystander effect' when problems come up. People who report issues are greatly appreciated. but be sure to have proof, is good to have we are not here to play mind games like other sites. So let's all get along, not try to get along!!

Innocent until proven guilty. We will not be incited into a witch hunt. If you are consistently vague and accusatory you may be the one banned. Be specific and direct when reporting problems or rule violations.

Report harassment and otherwise creepy or disturbing behaviour to the staff. Member safety is our top priority This includes requests for personally identifying information, soliciting money in private, and so on. Please keep in mind that if someone harasses you, they may harass others - we would much rather catch and eject such people quickly.

Be polite, be civil, be respectful. Just because something is not expressly forbidden, does not mean that we will tolerate it.

If you are constantly rude, inconsiderate, or otherwise act like a jerk, we will smack your privileges around until you get the hint and behave. If you cannot behave, you will be directed elsewhere. You agree that you are over eighteen years of age. Nationality does not matter, US and state law covers the distribution of pornographic material. If we find out that you are not at least eighteen, your access will be stripped.

All erotica sexual role-playing and sexual storytelling must involve physically and mentally mature characters. They must be sixteen years of age or over, and/or the physical and mental equivalent. Banned role playing and story subjects include or any other form of sexualizing prepubescent minors.

This server is governed by the laws of the United States. You will not link to or provide warez, illegal pdfs or mp3s, and so on. Threats will be dealt with accordingly.

One person per account, one account per person. Do not share your account with others, do not try to sign up under multiple accounts. If you share living space with another Erotica role play member, be explicit about this, and be prepared to wait a bit longer. Please note: This does apply to couples. If you are a couple, please have each person apply with their account.

You will not reveal identifiable details about another person on these site without their express permission that a God or Goddess or whatever!!! has seen. No personal or contact information of any sort is allowed in the public area of the site, even if it is yours, without staff permission.

Adult material stays in the private parts of the site. The public areas include the ShoutBox, the non-private areas of the site all forums visible to unapproved members). Linking to adult material is permitted if declared as an adult. As stated this is an adult erotica role/play site. Must be 18 + is the age you are allowed to join this site.

This is somewhat relaxed in the wanted area of the forums.

Do not deceive. We do not appreciate deceptive tactics for people to pull their hijinks - for intention, relationships, or whatever. We are not talking about most April fool's pranks or telling the creepy guy you live on the wrong side of the planet, but do not perpetuate harmful illusions.

is not a meat market. While our community may enjoy roleplaying with romantic, sexual or BDSM aspects, GRP. com is not a dating or hookup site in any fashion.

is not a place to post personal ads or harass others for real-life meetings. Similarly, we will not tolerate exhibitions of possessive behaviour such as collaring or the flaunting of OOC relationships. People found to be doing this may have their access revoked.

is not a mental health institution. If your issues are such that you continually disrupt the social fabric of this site, you may also be asked to leave. The privileges you are granted here are privileges, treat them accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to, deleting posts, editing posts, private messages, We don't have a shoutbox it is a cesspool of BS and we don't need it. Remember that you have agreed to allow us to host the material you post here indefinitely, though we do listen to reasonable deletion requests.

Other individual parts of the site may have their own rules. Please review and respect them. Gross rule violations may net an immediate ban. Some things just are not done. If rule violations are repeated, or if the violation is severe, a staff member may issue a warning. If the user has already been warned, or if the staff believes the violation warrants it, the user will be 'locked out from your acct for 2 weeks' instead, meaning that they now have reduced eunuch access. This setting provides reduced or restricted access to ERP forums.

What photos are allowed? tastefully nudes are allowed, however, no penises or vagina defaults and breast .

is a literary site.

PLAY-BY -Be original when it comes to play-by on this site!!! If we see mirrors one will be DELETED!!!
This is an English community. That means you are expected to spell out your words, strive for correct punctuation and capitalization, and avoid chat speak. If someone asks you to translate or explain an acronym, please do so. We are not grammar Nazis, and some lapses are understandable. However, we do ask that you make an effort to write properly. This is a writer role/play site why we are here in the first place!! Paedophilia and Bestiality are not wanted nor allowed on this site if found you will be reported to the police and Banned end of story!!!. The GRP is in support of NOH8 WE DO NOT PUT UP WITH BLACKLISTING, SLANDERING,BASHING, HATE, OR BAD BLOOD will not be wanted on this site. Keep it off this site this is your only warning.

META GAMING' DRAMA AND HATE Not allowed Do not place another Kingdom or either someone you hate on your headlines or Blogs you will be banned. keep it to yourself .
Hello everyone, first of all, I hope everyone is having a good day because on the side of my fence I am not pretty happy with what I just saw on my site. First of my issues - do not post hate blogs or name mentioning especially if that person is not on our site! TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE! I don't want to hear it ANYMORE OF WHO it's WHO ,WHO HAVE DONE THAT TO YOU HATE AND WHO it's JEALOUS OF, Please!!! stop the nonsense take it private this is why Discord exists or wasup whatever!! you want to use ...but not my SITE. This site is not for hate competition it's for writing competition any of you understand? I have to be forced to change the TOS one more freaking time over this.. RESPECT MY SITE LIKE YOU WANT TO BE RESPECTED! I can give you all you .. don't take me for granted or either for a fool I am not a Parrot to be repeating myself. I see a BLOG!!!!! I am not happy about it, so from now on, whoever deletes the admin page will be banned! whoever posts statues mentioning names calling or groups will be banned! Do not mention anyone on less it's an SL ... do not drag your problems from another site to mine. my last words. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! you want to play rough? I can play too Reminder, it's for the best interests of everyone, No one wants to log in and see blogs and bulleting bashing one another ... Do not lower yourself to your opponent level, it doesn't suit you if you call yourself an adult. Your Admin