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Age: 22
Sign: Leo

Country: United States
Signup Date: October 29, 2020

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Goddess of Perversity
Category: Blogging

'Lustful bitch from damnation, hell wicked slut
Death bloody orgie thousand virgins cry ecstasy and pain
Forcing the pure to eternal perversion live in sin and evil
Witch of the flame cast a blackened spell of serpent of all Hell
Deceitful wench of darkness
Countess of lust
Sadistic whore
Goddess of perversity
By black light of the moon wholy fetus in ripped from breeding womb
As the blood runs oh, on the pentagram of hate she takes her soul
Raping the horns of the master of torment her loins they burn
A scream of all pleasures from thrusting of evil spreads her lips wide
Deceitful wench of darkness
Countess of lust
Goddess of perversity
Pure hate from her veins flows down her thighs come ride the slut
form circle of damnedd cut deep the knife ritual of pain
Cult witches dance as the virgins slayed in fire
Goddess of perversity preforms the rites of sodomy in Hell’

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