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Age: 22
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Country: United States
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Vandella (Sins) 1 (HOS)
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The life of Vandella Elizabeth La Mara is not an easy one to tell, there has been so much in this immortal life that one does not know exactly where to start. I will try though to explain best I can how this being came to rule a vast Empire and to gain the respect of many that have followed her and that have become her family.

Born on a warm night at the end of October, 'all hallow’s eve’ to be exact, she was welcomed by a High Priest and Priestess, along with her mother and father; Lord Satan & The Goddess Queen Naamah. Her birth was a most erotic one, born to the orgasms of her mother, blood and cum both present at her birth, and it was here that Vandella first breathed in the depraved scent of sin, a very unholy birth.

Hell was her place of birth, and for the first sixteen years of her life that is where she resided. Her mother and father were never really together though, she was raised by all her family that were around, her Aunt Lilith, Aunt Mahlat & Aunt Eisheth taking time to be there for Vandella too. Lord Satan though made it his mission though to teach Vandella all there was to know of the Mortal World of Earth, he wanted her to rule a kingdom there, he wanted his sin to spread. The House of Solomon had been around for a while before Vandella took over ruling, her father had control, but upon her sixteenth birthday that all changed, for it was now Vandella’s kingdom, to do with as she pleased.

Kingdoms rise and Kingdoms fall, so much comes with ruling such a vast empire. In its beginnings Solomon was a very small place, a few La Mara’s were scattered around, some of them very close to Vandella. The state of Colorado was where the Castle was built ~the devils causeway` as it was known. Family resided here, some had their own dwellings in the land and mountains around the Castle. In the beginning only Vandella ruled, but in years to come that would change, as siblings would come to have a hand in the kingdom too, which lessened the stress on Vandella. There were betrayals of all kinds, but what family goes through life without such drama, jealousy is a curse and it was rife within the walls of HOS for a long time.

Alliances were also made between other kingdoms, not many of them stand though to this day. Again the success of Solomon brought about jealousy, some wanted to rule their own kingdoms, and most of these failed. Vandella’s son Seven would have to be about the only one that went on to establish his own kingdom, and he has done well. KOED was another that was allied to HOS, but lack of communication has seen that alliance fall silent. Vixen Lust’s daughter Desdemona still rules KOED, and its a very active kingdom.

So turning back to Hell and Vandella’s younger years, it truly was a place of great wonder, and of course Depravity in its finest. Sin is delightful to watch, all of it was embedded on Vandella’s young soul, she had no need of anything else. Siblings came and went, unions were formed, her young lust was seen to as well, with all that is Taboo comes the delightful stages of experimentation. Lord Satan was the man to take his daughters Viginity, forever he shall be her Father and her Husband, although no children came from this union.

For every year in Hell there was a ritual to be had, a celebration of the family, these days and nights hold a lot of importance to Vandella. Her mother would often come home for these, a memory Vandella holds dear to her unholy heart. Blood rituals were very common, pledges of kinds were made, worshiping of her father never ceased, the occult was never far from Vandella’s mind. Sexual events also took preference in Hell, to be a sinner you needed to let yourself go, give into the power of Lust and all its good fortunes.


My name is Empress Vandella Elizabeth La Mara, I am the Matriarch of HOS, I created HOS in 2006. I left KOH (Kingdom of Hell) where I played a daughter to Memnoch, as Vandella. The Name I created myself, I am the ORIGINAL Vandella.

When HOS was created I made Pre-Made Profiles of all the HELL Characters ie: Satan, Lucifer, Samael, Lilith, Mahlat, Eisheth, Naamah and I looked for writers to fill these roles, and it happened, and so began my Kingdom. I had my Mother Naamah, and my Father Satan...

This will be the 15th Year for House of Solomon as a Kingdom..

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