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The Gnostics were a branch of the early Christian church. They were found mostly in the Eastern Mediterranean area. Their beliefs were Christian but also influenced by Greek Mystery Cults as well as other older religions in the area. Their beliefs were varied but a common theme was the monotheistic belief in the supreme female deity, Sophia (Wisdom). Some believed she was the real creator, and as incarnated in Mary, the real mother of Jesus.

There is an ancient document that claims the Gnostics held menstrual blood and semen to be their sacraments. These body fluids were held to be sacred because, it was believed at the time, the fusion of blood and semen creates life. In their worship they held a ritual in which a woman in her time of blood would have intimate relations with a man in front of the congregation. The man would be chosen randomly and she would have sex with him no matter whether he was her father or her brother or her son or anyone else (this is all actually true).

Some people say that this is Orthodox propaganda made up to discredit the Gnostics. I don't think anyone knows for sure though. It may be significant that in the same region, before Christianity, there was the practice of ritual prostitution at temples of Astarte and Baal. It is possible that this practice was transformed into the Gnostic ritual as it was told. I like to think this is true anyway.

When I first read about this ancient sacramental sex, I couldn't help but imagine what this ritual must have been like these early Christians. It fascinates me that something like this might actually have happened at some point in history. I want to know what it was like to actually be a part of it. Here is how I imagine it:

In an old Roman basilica transformed into a Gnostic church, you would see golden mosaics of Sophia and Jesus. Here, a small congregation gathers on Sunday morning. A woman, wearing only a robe walks solemnly to the front altar. Although she is the mother of a now grown man, she is still youthful and vital herself, beautiful and in the full of her life.

One of the church elders casts lots to choose her partner from among the adult men in the congregation. It is believed that the Goddess herself causes the lot to select the man of her choice. On this occasion, the Goddess has chosen the woman's own son. 

The young adult man is led shyly to meet his mother who now sits on the Christian Gnostic altar at the front of the congregation. This is his first time being chosen for the sacrament. The woman smiles at her son, proud to see him step forward to serve the Goddess before the congregation. She is pleased, as his loving mother, to be the one to share in his first sacrament. Being a good Christian man and unmarried, he has never before experienced the pleasures of the flesh with a woman.

The mother lifts her robe before her nervous son and the watching congregation, baring her nakedness before men and Goddess alike. She takes her shy son's hands in hers and guides them to her now naked breasts, leading him to caress her lovely softness. She pulls her son forward although he is shaking with nervousness. He buries his face in his mother's naked bosom and suckles her nipples. There he takes refuge from the silent gaze of the congregation behind him.

The mother lovingly guides her son's head down her naked body to her waiting pube. As he as seen other men in church do, the son kisses his mother's vertical lips between her opened legs. The soft skin of her inner thighs lightly cradles his cheeks. He lovingly kisses the lips that gave birth to him and finally inserts his tongue, licking the blood and juices that flow for him there.

The mother runs her fingers through her son's hair, his face buried in her crotch as if hiding from the watching eyes. She lets him hide that way for awhile, protecting him with a motherly embrace of her legs wrapped around his head. He lovingly licks her deeper and deeper with increasing confidence. Her love for her son is becoming mixed up with another sort of love as she is tickled pleasurably by her son's probing tongue in her wetness.

The mother looks up at the congregation and smiles proudly as her son's tongue discovers her inner secrets. The watching sect members see that the young man has become filled with a strong religious passion as he lovingly licks his mother inside and out. 

They watch solemnly, as the mother begins to display an intense religious ecstasy brought on by the undulations of her son's tongue. Now she holds his head between her hands while tilting her pelvis, guiding her innocent son's tongue to the top of her swollen lips, to her center-point of pleasure.

The congregation begins to sing a hymn as they watch the loving mother and son. The mother sings too, in joy and worship.

Finally, she decides that it is time.

She pulls up on her son, prompting him to stand manly before her and the congregation. She hopes he will be manly in his love and not bring public shame. He stands before her. Her menstrual blood, thinned with her vaginal juices, is smeared wetly around her son's mouth.

Pulling off his tunic he reveals a long aroused member that does not disappoint his mother. Her son's strong healthy body is beautiful and she feels both pride and a shiver of desire seeing him naked before her with his sexuality fully aroused by their public intimacy.

He is excited now and no longer looks shy as he looks down on the sensual nakedness of his very own loving mother. She sees a hungry look in his eyes. He doesn't seem bothered by the crowd anymore and maybe doesn't even notice them now. Never before has he been so completely aroused as he is now by his naked mother's uninhibited sexuality.

Knowing her young adult son is inexperienced, the mother takes her son's long aroused cock in her hand and lovingly guides him into her wet waiting hole. Her son pushes his rock hard penis into his mother, gasping at the sudden pleasure he is experiencing for the first time. The mother also gasps with pleasure as her son powerfully thrusts into her. Such a fine young man her son has gown up to be! Now she hopes he will show the congregation that he is truly a man.

The son does not disappoint his mother. With the brand new pleasure of his first thrust into his mother, the son is hungry for more. He thrusts into his mother again. Again it is pure pleasure and the mother expresses her own pleasure with a moan, looking at her son with eyes of encouragement. He thrusts again and again into his mother. She moans with motherly pleasure at every thrust.

Now he thrusts hard with a rhythm, ramming his rock-hard cock into his mother's pleasure-hole over and over while her motherly moans rise in pitch and volume. The son is egged on by his mother's crescendo of pleasure-sounds. He speeds up and cannot stop. They have forgotten the church around them and think only of each other's bodies, mother and son in sexual bliss together.

The mother is proud of her strong grown-up son as he fucks her hard like a man. She is overwhelmed by sexual delight and motherly pride at the same time. She shouts her son's name as she squeezes and spasms in a climax of pleasure on her son's powerful thrusting cock. He too is caused to cum by his mother's excited sexuality. He fills his mother's sacred opening with his fresh milky cum. The mother is proud to be the vessel of the Goddess and to enact the holy sacrament with her very own beloved son.

The mother and son pant with pleasure as the Gnostic priestess of Sophia steps forward. The priestess gently holds open the mother's labia before the watching congregation as she reverently collects the mixture of cum and menstrual blood that slowly oozes out.

The sacred body fluids are then ritually mixed with a larger vessel of wine, milk and honey. The priestess says a blessing over it. Each member of the congregation comes forward in turn, and kneeling worshipfully before the priestess, takes a sip from the sacramental vessel. The cum-blood-milk-wine sacrament embodies the sacred life giving power of the Goddess Sophia and imbues Her compassion and vitality on the worshipers.

For mother and son, this was a holy and religious moment in their lives. It is a great honor to serve the Goddess in this way. It has also changed their relationship at a very personal level. Their love for each other has a new dimension now. What was felt as tension before is now a relaxed pleasure in each other's company.

Now, whenever the son is with his mother, he relives tactile memories of the deep pleasure experienced on the day they came together. He discovers that he cannot talk to his mother or look at her without his sexual member twitching with a spark of carnal excitement. Always he will remember feel his mother's loving and sensual body against his in the throws of passion.

For the mother too, her love for her son is now deeper than ever before. She treasures the memory of her son's strong passionate love making on the day that she made her son a man. The memory will be with her forever. Now when she looks upon her son, her fondness for him is deeper than ever before. Now her motherly love is steeped in memories of their shared sexual pleasure.

That's how I imagine it might have been. I don't know why the Orthodox priests wanted to end such a beautiful ritual. I think it might have been deeply moving for believers as well as a sweetly enjoyable experience.

Now I wonder if anybody has ever thought of reviving or recreating this historically significant ritual? It could be an interesting project for some graduate student of religion or history. Such a project could help deepen our understanding of early religion. As a bonus, it would be fun too.

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