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Age: 22
Sign: Leo

Country: United States
Signup Date: October 29, 2020

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Likes & Dislikes 18+
Category: Blogging

Likes: Fetish, Incest, Orgies, Pagan erotica, Satanic sex/orgies/rituals, Voyeurism, Anal, Toys, Sadism; Wax,Ice, Blood & Cum play, Menophilia, Feathers, knives, spanking etc, BDSM, Piercings, Ink, Vinyl-leather-latex, Uniforms; school girl, nurse, cop, etc, Two Men/one Woman, Bi Play, both men & women, Public Sex, Cuckhold, Strap-On, Face Sitting,  Mistress,Snowballing, Cum-play, Biting, Foot Worship, Water Sports, Exhebitionism, Shape-Shifters, Monsters-Creatures, Oil, Tit Fucking, DP etc, Rituals (eg The Great Rite: Wicca), Mother & Son(Virginity 17+), Drugs, Bad Boys, Dirty Talk, Blow Jobs, Blindfolds, Sex Shops, Body Painting, Food Play, Bukkake, Cream Pies, Dancing, Swimming, Squirting-messy orgasms, Exoticism (Harems, lush gardens, Silk, turkish baths, opium dens, Island Paradise's, Royal Courts, Turkish Baths, Belly Dancers, Veils, Feasts, Decadence, Opulence), Exposure(Feeling physically exposed, such as with legs open, a woman's shirt left open to expose her breasts, being forced to undress in public), Smoking, Fisting, Foreplay, Lap Dances, Fetish Clubs, Interacial, Romance, Picnics, Men in Suits, Hand Jobs, Historical & Period Settings, Medieval Era, Intelligence, Intimacy, Intoxication, Magical Themes(Faery Tales), Masks, Masturbation, Medical Play, Nautical Themes (Pirates, ships & the sea), Gang Bangs, Nipple Play/Torture, Oral Fixation/Fetishzation(lips, tongue or whole mouth, french kissing, licking; Oral displays using food or beer bottles, smoking cigars or cigarettes or pipes, biting, chewing one's lip), Orgasm Denial, Noise (Moaning, humming, growling, being enthusiastic), Otherness & Outsiders(Mutants, Aliens, Demons, Angels, Half Humans, Eccentrics, Elves or other magical beings, Vampires, Were Wolves), Pain, Pampering, Massage, Pornography, Romantic Slavery, Rape(to be discussed first), Rimming-Tongue Fucking, Rough Sex, Ropework(Intricate/Artistic erotic bondage), Roughnecks(Cowboys, Tarzan Figures, Crude Language, Violent & Dark Natures, Primitivism), Rogues(Pirates, Mercenaries, Hitman, Royal Bastards, Tricksters), School Themes, Sex with clothes barely on, Sixty-Nining, Slow & Prolonged Sex, Stocking/Lingerie, Submission, Swallowing, Swords, Talking & Communication(Dirty Talk, Poetry Reciting, Verbal Seduction, Phone Sex, Sweet Talking), Telepathy, Tentacle Sex, Vaginal Penetration with Foreign Objects, Violent & Dark Natures, Virgins, Voice Fetishization(Whispering, husky, purring, accents), Candle Lit Dinners, Walks on the Beach, Woodland etc, Warriors, Sex in the Rain, Bubble Baths, Wet & Messy(Mud, oil, food, slime), Love Letters, Alpha Males, Anal Butt Plugs/Beads, Anonymous Sex(Glory Holes, Clubbing, Alley Sex, Fertility Rituals, One Night Stands), Aphrodisiacs, Asphyxiation(Choking, breath play, smothering with buttocks-Mistress), Femme Fatales, Biological Imperative(Being in Heat, Mating Drive), Toyboys, Brothels, Deep Throating.

(9) Dislikes: Scat, Real Beastiality, Age Play (Young girls) Hardcore BDSM

I do not like Bullies either, the ones that continue to trash me and HOS..

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