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Age: 22
Sign: Leo

Country: United States
Signup Date: October 29, 2020

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October 31st signifies the date that Vandella Elizabeth La Mara came into being, she was not born of this world but that of the dark hell of her fathers, Lord Satan. Her mother was Naamah, a great goddess and queen of hell, and one of her fathers many wives, the siblings Vandella did have were scattered to the ends of the universe, she would never know just how far her fathers sin had spread, but that mattered not. 

The night she was born had been a feast night, Samhaim was the third most celebrated holidays after ones birthday and Walpurgis Night (30th April, Night of Witches). Her mother had engaged in the many rituals and affairs of the night, but had also felt very tired in doing so, the birth was preying on her mind, and now very imminent. Taking her leave she left for the Unholy Temple, there she was joined by Lord Satan, a midwife, The High Priestess and The High Priest, who would all be involved with this birth.

As Naamah was placed on the altar, Lord Satan moved to his wife, placing a hand over her bare belly, her body naked before him, his eyes closed, and now chanting a spell to help the delivery. The Midwife moved in, making sure all was in order for this birth, the High Priest and Priestess all looking on, arranging to do their part in this Unholy birth. 

As contractions ripped at Naamah's uterus, the chanting continued, the baby slowly moving down the birth canal, her thoughts now channeling her own mothers, she was ready. Naamah's screams echoed in the temple, her legs spread as the baby now crowned, her husband moving around, smiling back to her as he first caught glimpse of his beautiful daughter. The midwife looked on, a blade ready to cut if need be, her dark eyes to Lord Satan and then encouraging words back to Naamah as she now let Lord Satan's hands guide the baby out. Naamahs fingers too worked down over the baby's head, her eyes to her husband as she slid those fingers up to her clitoris, moving them hard now as she felt the baby move further out, her orgasm building, her screams becoming ones of pleasure as Vandella was born in a wave of intense orgasms.

Lord Satan nodded his approval to his wifes actions, loving the fact that his baby girl was born to a gush of orgasmic nectar, he believed all spawns should come into this world this way. The look on his wife's face now was of pleasure, the birth had stimulated more orgasms, even as the midwife now took over, the priest and priestess coming closer, laying their hands on Naamah, giving her strength. Vandella was now laying in the arms of the midwife, then handed over to her father, the cord still attached. 

As he raised her up he spoke in latin 'exspectata ut puellae inferorum regnum pretioso' (Welcome to the kingdom of hell my precious girl) His eyes turned to his wife, laying her child now at her breasts, the orgasms in her body subsiding, the afterbirth now delivered as the High Priest & Priestess placed it in a special urn, their nods to both Naamah & Satan a way of saying their goodbyes. The cord was then cut by Lord Satan, the baby Vandella gently crying at her mothers breast, then suckling happily as the family bonding time began. Lord Satan moved now to his wife's lower body, licking at her bloodied cunt, cleaning her as she moved in time with him, another orgasm hitting her as the milk flowed into their little girls mouth, then moaning out loud as she felt her husband thick demonic cock slide into her gaping cunt, his seed filling her again and again, the loud roar of his own orgasm filling the temple, his abundance of love never subsiding....this was the birth of Vandella Elizabeth La Mara.

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