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Age: 116
Sign: Pisces

Country: Greece
Signup Date: March 23, 2021

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1) I roleplay as Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman. My way... Do not try to control my character.

2) Due to RL, I am a para to multi-para players, the most 3 paras but If I feel creative than I might go further.

3) Usually, I choose to discuss stories first . But I will respond to quick starters if they inspire me, though and if they make sense for me.

4) I suffer from some mental health issues so There will be times that I just cannot physically write. I am sorry. It happens and I will do what I can to get better as fast as I can. Please do not rush me or make me feel bad about this. It is just not nice to be so impatient or intolerant with me, it will make me second guess writing with you at all. 

5)  A. I read the comics so I like action-orientated and adventure stories after all I am a superheroine. Diana also interacts with characters from the Greek & Norse Mythologies and such, I too would RP in those realms. If comic verse is not your thing then I am okay with the movies and TV shows. 
    B. Ok so as you might've notice my pics... it gives the innuendo that I am into Dark/Erotic themes, which I am. I am only into doing these kinds of RPs with Black men and to some degree, male half-man and half-creature such as Minotaurs, Ogres, Orcs, or something similar. But there has to be storyline. Don't come at me with just where you spank my ass or force yourself inside of me. I won't respond. If you want smut then, there has to be a plot. Simple as that.

6) Love interests. Well as my profile indicates,  I am taken by Dick Grayson/Nightwing but its for storyline purposes & the writer is a good friend. But were are Open. If I RP with you pelase do not be those crazies who asks to be yours because it won't happen. Do not rush me to reply it would just lead me to delete you. And please do not leave me lovey dovey stuff. I much prefer pic comments. I am a nice person but will not tolerate crazy. If you have RL issues  that is on you and its has 0 to do with me. I do not want to discuss it. I do not want to know about it. I do not care. Deal with your issues before you approach me, I will not be your damn therapist. Please do not ruin my time here as I want to be here to escape RL issues.

7) I prefer to stay mostly in character unless its merely small talk. I do not want to know all the detail inner workings of your reality and I am not revealing mine. Let's just write and be cordial to one another. Cool? I am here when I am here. I never forget a response I have to do even if I am out of commission for a while. There is no need to remind me about anything. I have a good memory. Despite my kinks, treat me with respect and you will have the same.

8) I do not exchange any RL  information with anyone so don't ask. I do NOT do Discord. I do not care if that's how you only RP. Everything RP just stays here on this site. I don't take it with me. 

If you have read these, just sign your name below and let us get to writing together! 


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