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Age: 116
Sign: Gemini

Country: Puerto Rico
Signup Date: April 16, 2021

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Bio to Blanca Mueca Darkstar is copyright
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Bio to Blanca Mueca Darkstar is copyright

Background: Blanco Muñeca was never a normal girl. Growing up in New York City, the Bronx, MI as the daughter of 2 auto factory workers, she was the quintessential tomboy. She rarely wore dresses or dress clothes. Her Grandmother worked a ton of hours, and she found her entertainment. She found herself as a tomboy, and around the guys in the neighborhood. 

With the guys, she learned to fight and to brawl. They took her in as one of them, like a little sister. She tried out for the football team in high school, played hockey, and fought with the best of them. She studied many martial arts forms, mostly white tiger tejitsu and white tiger Kenpo karate, and believed in teachings from The Art of War. She was not a bad looking girl, tall, trim, and hazel eyes. She had guys hitting on her all the time, and most of the time, their answer was a busted lip, blacked eye, or a royal ass-kicking. 

She refused to be some man's patsy. She got in trouble with the law quite a few times, but seemed to talk her way out of it, since she was the only girl of the bunch, often getting her running crew out with her. At 17, she was approached by a government agency to become an assassin. They thought she would make a great one thanks to her looks and her skills. That way, she could get closer to a target than a man could. She refused at first, but with approval from her Grandmother, she accepted and disappeared. 

They went as far as to make it appear she was dead. They trained her for a year, making sure everything about her was perfect for the job. They taught her to be a woman, a seductress, a cold-blooded killer. She became very powerful in her own right. Her code name is Muñeca from her religion, belief in Sanitaria, Muñeca, like the description of her pleasant face. For two years, she lived in the darkness. She became the woman no one would ever come to known. On assignment in Europe, her first year as an assassin. She was attacked by a leader form the House of Erebus and almost died. She was infected, by a vampire in the tribe. The woman who attacked her was from the Faustinas, a female leader who has an identical twin. 

This particular leader kept tabs on Muñeca for a very long time; these vampires are believed to have gained their "pure blood "status by practicing Santeria, similar to Voodoo. The leader had her mark. She did it to save herself and her Clan. When she became conscious again, she was standing over Muñeca . She lashed out and smacked the leader across the face. She laughed at her before telling her she was now one of them. She took her in and helped her grow with each change, and effect, as Muñeca worked as a mercenary for the wealthy vampire clan of the Faustinas. The Clan taught her control of herself from the cravings, grooming her for her new life as a vampire reality. 

They wanted her as a mate for La Magra because of her past and her abilities. She fought her way up the ladder as she grew, until she held the top female alpha spot among the others, but refused to mate the with La Magra until he would prove his self-worth to her; she is still a virgin. Soon after Muñeca was ahead of the Clan and very much envied then cast her out, after silver burning his marks into her abdomen, ensuring they would never heal, and she left Europe and returned home. 

She found her parents could accept her reality as long as they had distance. She approached the local was the Faustinas clan had watched her, and they told her to head for Vegas, where she might find a home another clan that could use her. She bought a car, stocked up on weapons, and took to the road, going to Vegas. When she arrived in Vegas, Muñeca was met by anther alpha vampire named Günter. 

They were together almost instantly. The best of friends Günter would try his best to hit on her, but she would deny him right away; consequently, he wasn't real happy about it, significantly after Günter had fallen in love with her, then up and left her. Before he had gone, he had told Sun she was the Oba Queen in all honesty. Muñeca slid right into that spot without so much as a whimper from the Clan. None of them could fight her and win, and they all knew it. 

Soon Muñeca settled into that spot, opening up the first exclusively preternatural Cámara de saints club, Bound 2 Please, in the country. It was a gigantic success. Groups from all over the world come to play at CDS, including deals struck with the local Ulfric for her Virago. She had tried to retire from the Corporation and failed several times, but this last time would make her pack and leave Vegas. They had come demanding her do this job for them. She had said no. No wasn't the right answer. Muñeca had trained every Vampire & Lycan assassin in the Corporation had. 100 of them. 

She had gotten them as new Lycans to now partake in the Corporation, and they were now alphas of every type and shape they could find. When they approached her about the job, they flat told her she would take it, or all of her trainees would be in Vegas, and not a single one of her Clan would survive. Needless to say, she took the job. Muñeca was gone nearly a year, and her Clan thought themselves abandoned. They weren't. Muñeca had called in favors and got new alphas Vampires to come in. When she returned to Vegas, she told the Corporation she was done, and they could not stop her. 

She had already had scouts looking east for a new location for a club, this one a private members-only version of CDS. was the spot they found. Muñeca couldn't stay in Vegas anymore, or it would be the death of her Clan, according to the Corporation. So they packed and left the day before. That night, Muñeca met with the new Oba, told her the deal, left, arsenal, and twisted morals in tow. The club blossomed in Puerto Rico. Chained Desires was a hit and a half. Yet the town wasn't a match for her. She simply didn't enjoy this town. The Clan in Puerto Rico was small and not like the Clan in Vegas, which was rough and tumble. 

These were kids who needed a mom to wipe their asses and noses, and for anyone who knows Muñeca, that simply didn't work. So she opened another club in NYC and spent most of her time there. Can you talk about a money making bitch? The club in NYC, Dark Desire, made her all the money she could ever want. She had the best Blood she could drink and was protected with her skills in Sanitaria magic. So why then did she leave? Because when you're a bitch and someplace is home, fuck the establishment! The Corporation can kiss her ass, back to Vegas she comes!. 

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