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Age: 29
Sign: Sagittarius

Country: United States
Signup Date: April 13, 2021

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Da Rules. Please Read
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Roleplay Rules and Vows ( I did borrow these from another person with their permission and adjusted some to fit my needs) 

I don’t want to sound rude but I have to be straight forward with all you guys,  girls and creatures.

1. Please be patient for my replies. Im not on 24/7 but do check my profile very often through the day.

2.You must be literate and have good grammar, spelling is not a big problem if it’s only a minor issue. 

3.And by literate dosen't mean you fill up the space with random words. I meant by being descriptive in your replies. Quality over Quanity.

4.The length of replies I do and the type I like from people who roleplay with me should be at least a paragraph. One liners get way too boring for me. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, sometimes the story allows for a short reply to move it in the right direction, but the entire story cannot be one or two lines.

5. I play a straight man, however I do not shy away from playing him as a bisexual man given the right partner and right situation. That is for me to decide on though

I also claim the following rights for myself and anyone writing with me:

Not be perfect. 

All connections to stay open. Exclusivity is boring and honestly, that is what real life is for. 

RP whenever I want.

RP as frequently as I want. 

RP with whomever I want.

RP any subject I want.

Take as many breaks/hiatuses as I want/need. 

Accept/decline the invitations of joining groups. 

Accept/decline magic anons. 

Accept/decline to RP with others.

Accept/decline to RP certain subject matter.

Post anything I wish on my page, regardless of its relativity. 

I solemnly swear to refrain from doing any of the following: 

Send anonymous hate under any circumstance. (First and absolutely foremost.)

Disrespect others in any way or form.

Impose one’s own beliefs, ideas, opinions, and methods on others.

Compromise my enjoyment of RPing.

Compromise the enjoyment of RPing for others in any way.

Post passive aggressive posts.

Blatantly ignore the thoughts and feelings of others when posting unpopular opinions. 

Blatantly ignore of the sensitivity of others when unfollowing them. 

Blatantly ignore the availability status of other RPers (ex.: "punish” another for never signing in when they have stated they are on hiatus by either unfollowing them on the reason that “we never RP.”).

Make any individual or group of individuals feel unwelcome. 

“Stalk” or otherwise visit another RPers page when I am aware they would prefer if I didn’t.

Rank one individual over another. (Everyone is equal, do not make anyone feel inferior.)

God-mode or otherwise impose on another person’s muse or people’s muses. 

Post replies to threads not mine without permission. 

Complain about other people’s depiction of a canon character. 

Complain about other people’s opinions or lifestyles in an emotionally compromised manner. 

Express bigotry, racism, religious disrespect, prejudice, and other forms of said hate, whether anonymous or not. 

Guilt trip other RPers. 

I ask that if you wish to roleplay with me that you sign these rules. 

I, Andy La Mara, sign them here and now with my word. That I will abide by them and enforce them as if they were law. As they are the law of my land. My fun. Because that is what this all is at the end of the day. Fun. Let us never forget that, let us always embrace that and let us enjoy each other.

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Got it love. 💜

Posted by Sloane on Tue Apr 27, 2021, 12:04

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Empress Vandella La Mara™{HOS-EOD-LMF}


Signed, read & Understood my darling son :)

Posted by Empress Vandella La Mara™{HOS-EOD-LMF} on Wed Apr 21, 2021, 07:04

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Queen Candy La Mara-HOS-


I, Queen Candy La Mara, sign them here and now with my word. That I will abide by them and enforce them as if they were law.

Posted by Queen Candy La Mara-HOS- on Tue Apr 20, 2021, 22:04

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Anna La Mara (HOS-LMF) (M)


I Anna La Mara Sister to Andy do hear by sign these rules and swear to uphold them to the best of my abilities and do so promise to be as much fun as I can hehe!

Posted by Anna La Mara (HOS-LMF) (M) on Tue Apr 20, 2021, 22:04

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© Emma


Read and duly note sir
will obey your rules

Posted by © Emma on Tue Apr 20, 2021, 22:04

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