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Age: 22
Sign: Leo

Country: United States
Signup Date: October 29, 2020

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To Be An Empress!
Category: Blogging

For some the title comes easily enough, others do have to work at it, some take it right off the bat, even if it is only something to play with, a power play if you will. I for one, fought to be where I am today. After nearly fifteen years of having a kingdom, I think Empress definitely defines who I am, and what I stand for.

I was a princess, a little girl, nothing much of anything really when I first appeared in this mortal realm, but I do have two stories, one where I am totally HOS from the beginning and one where my life was different, we can say I lived in two worlds, and one of those taught me the way I am today.

Kingdom of Hell, my beginnings, a different father, one that I now denounce and a lot of family that I left behind. I have one sister that still calls me her sister (Thank You Styx) and one that passed away recently ooc that would come say sister to me as well, as if that tie between us never broke.

Anyway getting back to the 'Empress' part of this story, because that title irks me when others call themselves when they truly have nothing to be an emperor/empress of. What exactly are they an Empress/Emperor of?, I really itch to ask those people, what kingdom are you?, what are you members called, do you have family etc etc.

After being a princess for a while, I became a Queen, and was given the task of ruling a sub-kingdom, I did so well, that my father at the time thought there were too many people, and made me stop recruiting. Then he became angry, his power was being drained I suppose and at that time I realized that it was time for me to move on, to be who I was destined to be, An Empress.

I never used the title straight away, if did not feel right, but in time after my family was born and I had members, I did take on the title of Empress, and you know what, it felt fucking good, I finally had a home, a life and a family of my own. My vision became real, and to this day it remains real, no matter what all the naysayers and haters have to rant about it. Once you achieve that goal, its amazing how many want to bring you down., but I am told that is what success feels like, and if you have no haters, then you did not 'make it'.

So a little of my life there, demons have a different life you know,  I am not human, I am a succubus, a demonness, one from the darkest pit of Hell, and I like that I am. You can pick on me all you want, but yes I already know my morals are perverted, I will make no excuses for who I am and what I represent, because that is who I am, and for those who do not understand, then that is on you...take your frigid attitudes elsewhere.

I am a Hated Empress, this I have known for many years, the constants threats to my character, the way people perceive me, the lies people tell about me, I definitely have that 'Infamous' title too, and that is the way I will be remembered, I made a Mark here. Been called a whore so many times, by so many people, but you know what, I do not care, for I do love to fuck, and I love all kinds of depravity, that is the Demon Empresss I am, and those who love me for what I am have my loyalty for eternity.

Those who hate me, well I would say they can rot in hell, but there is no way my father is letting you stay there....anyway lets not dwell on them, they hate for one reason only, 'attention'.

So my vent is over for the night, needed to get a little out of my system, so note to all you newbies, wannabe's etc....take a look at yourself, and know that if you are ever thinking of a kingdom etc, do it for the long haul, and build up to it, do not give yourself all that credit at once, Success comes with Failure, and a lot of bad things happen, and if you can get through it all and still can smile, then good on you...take risks and enjoy the ride.

Empress Vandella Elizabeth La Mara

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