Jazlyn Elizabeth La Mara ( HOS-LMF )

Last Updated: Sat 12 Jun 2021, 19:03:38

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Age: 116
Sign: Virgo

Country: Armenia
Signup Date: June 10, 2021

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First and most important. I have a Rl and it comes first. There are times where I can not get on for days. So if you canít handle that then please delete me now.

I am normally into Men only! But if I find you special and really like you I donít mind being with a woman. But I will always have men in my Life.

I am wanting to be in an Open Relationship. I will have as many lovers as I choose. If you canít handle that then I am not your girl. You can get all cranky over me if you want. But you will not stop me.

I do not mind incest ( Father / Daughter, Brother / Sister, Uncle, and so on. ) But I will not be with anyone that is my child. Nor will I be with anyone under the age of like 18 years old. Because my character is 19 years old. ( I am over 18 years old in Rl. )

Kinks wise I am to force. I am very much a sub and like to be tied down and told what to do. I am cool with most things like that.

I also do not numbers. If I add you have sent you a greeting and you have said nothing back within 48 hours you will be removed.

I will add More if I have to!

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