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Age: 32
Sign: Taurus

Country: United Kingdom
Signup Date: May 12, 2020

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Those who have known me here and on fb for years will know I suffer with mental health and struggle with good and bad days due to bipolar and severe ptsd. Although I am able to maintain and manage multi charaters and account I do have two mains. 

Zara Arwen Beautfort and Arwen Celeste-Pandora Morrigan (can't find her login details) so I will bring back my Elsa Savre or remake Arwen Celeste-Pandora Morrigan. 

The reason why both Zara and Arwen/Elsa are my two main's are beause on my good calm days I can write on Zara the dietie she-wolf but on my bad manic days I can only concentrate on my Arwen/Elsa. This is because Zara is neautal and alm and peaceful, Arwen/Elsa are chaotic and blood and power raged. 

Hope this makes sense to those who write with me.

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Prince [HOS]


Awesome dont even worry keep doing you

Posted by Prince [HOS] on Fri Aug 06, 2021, 11:08

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