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Open Role- Chione/Bastet


Egyptian Goddess, take me with you…free me of this world!

Her life was mine and that beautiful, ethereal soul flowed, flowed out in ribbons with her blood, the tearful silvery luminescent essence mingled with that of the ever-flowing scarlet stream.  Flowing as it nourished me and generated the ecstasy that was the swoon. Perfectly, decadent rich blood flowing out in a fast torrent; my ancient supremacy dragging her deeper and deeper as she stammered to take another tremendously difficult breath…

Her beauty was comparable to a Goddess, yet I crushed her spirit like a rose beneath my foot, her perfect, pristine form scathed only by the tiny punctured wounds I forced into her fleshy throat; the disgraceful reminder of her lost humanity and the symbol of my own yearning to make her mine.

The glint of her beseeching eyes flashed at me as the life gradually drained from her body. She struggled, pressed on diligently to hold on a bit longer. She was resolute in not dying…but it was clear, the more effort she expended, the more it drove me on- maddened me to that frenzied blood lust. I wanted her, wanted to claim as her mine…

She pleaded as I held her tight; she spoke fast, words I shall not forget in my own mother tongue… “Egyptian Goddess, take me with you…free me of this world!” Her frailty in that instant was great, and despite many who curse the sins of those fallen to darkness, she simply looked to me like a white dove…ready to wing her way up towards the heavens…up and away, carrying the burdens of her life as I took what was not mine to have. I looked down upon her face, a graceful Angel pleading, and yet did I grant her peace and retribution for her mortal crimes…

No, instead I kept the angel as my own and condemned her to the rapturous blood ecstasy that I abhorred most…

In that flicker of an instant, I had stolen her life. As I continued to drain her, the visions of a life squandered in pursuit of drugs spanned through my mind. The woman had been desperate, abused my a father, then a boyfriend- forced into the life of a whore all in order to quench her lover’s need for wealth and drugs. She became addicted- addicted to the mortal poisons that lifted her up out of reality and addicted to the sex. I felt sorry for her, she had not lived, not really.  I looked down into her beautiful doe like eyes as tears streamed down her soft warm flesh. Even rail thin and septic with the toxins of this world, she was still beyond beautiful.

Suddenly I felt no need to grieve her mortality. I felt almost righteous as I ravenously devoured her life. I slowly brought her to the very brink of death. In the embrace of my arms, she begged and pleaded to die. Her eyes so intense that seemed to burrow holes into my very being. I wanted to just drain her, relieve her of her existence and grant her peace but there was more this time, so much more.

Was it my own desires tricking me? Did I hear things amid the blood ecstasy that simply would not truths? “Egyptian Goddess, take me with you…free me of this world,” I heard the words over and over and yet nothing had emitted from her sumptuous lips. Was the blood deceiving me?

I saw in her, an absolute desperation, a fleeting glimmer of hope. I stopped the rapturous swoon of the blood. And in a delirious vision of a new way, I chose to claim her.

To Karnak, I took her. She would be mine. This mortal would become an enchantress, a sister of the blood, a dark goddess- I would grant her this new awakening…into my world of flesh and fantasy swathed in blood.


**This is the very first post to granting the gift of immortality to a mortal woman known as Chione. She will become a sister and a vampyre goddess just like Akirah. If you think you would like to fill this role for me, please message me back. It is a role I have been attempting to fill for years since the disappearance of my friend who used to write the role.

Before you decide to message me, there are some stipulations.

-Must be a multi-para to novella player or at least long to be one.

-Must be ooc friendly and willing to discord if needed.

-Must be creative and open to new ideas.

-Must have the character be Egyptian, be a vampire and eventually becomes the goddess Bastet. The character will have a dichotomy in her persona, she will love her immortal life with Akirah but will also be desperate for human contact. She toys with humans. She can be very impetuous and she likes to break Akirah's rules.  Even though she consistently angers Akirah, Akirah does love her as a daughter and friend and always forgives her offenses. The pair of them do everything together in most instances. This is a major role and cannot be abandoned.

-The playby has to look or be Egyptian. Akirah has a list of faces to choose from.

Contact Akirah at The Vampyre Akirah to inquire about the role.

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Akirah answers questions.



Who is Akirah-Sekhmet?


Akirah-Sekhmet is an original character I started developing as I began writing my novels. No, she is not a main character in my novels but she does solely belong to me.  I randomly wrote out a massive vampire ancestry and she was a random ancient that just all of a sudden appealed to me. I began my writings on her all over the place, sitemodel, elite roleplayers, one world roleplay, MySpace and

I even took it to another level and created an avatar for her on Second Life. She has been part of my writing repertoire for years and I will never stop writing her even if it is privately. 


Why has she suddenly reappeared after a hiatus?

This is a quite simple answer. People completely disrespected her and her editing site Touched by a Vampyre Edits, so much so that the writer and editor behind Akirah felt it was necessary to her own emotional well being to walk away for an extended time.

 But the lure of bringing Akirah back to roleplay has been haunting the writer therefore she has reawakened and her page is under reconstruction as is all her connections.


Can we know the writer behind Akirah?

There are a handful of you who know who I really am. Mostly real life friends and some select others. The writer would not mind being cordial ooc with others but there must be one distinct policy. Do not confuse fantasy with reality! This is important as the writer does not want any chaos in her life.  If you are a person that can respect this major desire, it may come to pass that you will be allowed into the writer’s inner sanctum.


What about Akirah’s species, this is all very confusing, is she a goddess or a vampire?

Akirah is what the writer calls Vamtyala-Ka, she is an Ancient Egyptian goddess known as Sekhmet. She is also a Succubus and a Vampyre, this means she will have any and all of the aspects of a goddess, succubus and vampire. At times she may even find herself clinging to the last fragments of her fleeting humanity.


How is she a combined species like this?

Her entire backstory is the stories regarding the goddess Sekhmet however she made a pact with a Babylonian harlot/demon witch that betrayed her. The result is her species. At the present time she also has very little memory of her goddess nature. Slowly, she is realizing she is not what she seems to be. As time goes by within active story-lines, her true form and identity will be revealed to her and all those she aligns herself with.


What kind of verses will the writer put Akirah into?

At the present time, Akirah will write in her favorite verses which are Egyptology, Vampires, High Fantasy, the Supernatural, Gods & Goddesses, and since the writer has an absolute love for it and experience in it she will write in the Old South or Old France.


If there are other questions you need answered, you can feel free to message Akirah and she loves to discuss ideas for story-lines and grand adventures. So bring it on, the more enthusiastic a writer you are, the more Akirah will love you.

She has a weakness and it is others with a creativity and imagination as resolute as her own. On that note, welcome to my page and I hope we can begin our writing journey together very soon.


Love, Akirah-Sekhmet and her writer. Yes, we are both females.

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Phantasms of Darkness by Akirah.




Phantasms of darkness the darkest phantasms of the past fiercely burst through her subconscious, jutting her fast and hard into a shadowy realm.
he caravan charged through the tempest of twisting helixes of sand and wind that violently roared through the scorching atmosphere. Sand, moisture and tiny rock inevitably blinded those that were either too stupid or too stubborn to wear the shash veil.  Whirling sands burned their eyes, Akirah could hear their howls of distress but she would not permit any of this to deter their journey.

She pressed onward and self-assuredly spurred the camel to move further across the desert. “Arrrr…Arrr” she leaned forward and calmly recited as she pet the gentle creature’s throat.  

The burning, setting sun had only begun its gradual descent and there was yet to be any reprisal from its stifling heat. Nothing would thwart her, not now, not when she was this close. She needed to know the truth at any cost. 

She had been relentlessly flooded by the blood dreams that only incited her to feed longer and more often. Above all else, she abhorred this, longed to understand and abolish what drove her more animalistic nature.

Images raced through her mind as if they were an old-fashioned movie reel revealing only the smallest of fragments that she could only assume were that from her distant mortal life. As Akirah rode across the desert, she took a deep breath in and began to slowly distant herself from the thumping sound of the heavy hooves of camels, the noxious stream of incessant clamor from those that traveled in the caravan with her, and she even shut out the whipping rustles of the hot, dry desert wind.

The intensity of all that surrounded her was suddenly drowned out by the lull of the sweetest hush. Her mind quickly evoked the previous night’s visions.

One by one the lofty hallucinations glided into view; massive, antiquated effigies of the gods of Egypt erupted in front of her just as if she were standing before them.  She saw the olden statues of Anubis, Isis, and Horus.

The montages of seven hundred and thirty statues devoted to the lion-headed Goddess of Dread, Sekhmet stood or sat stalwartly at Mut’s Temple in Karnak. They continually flashed as if they were of some resounding importance.

Then, the darkest phantasms of the past fiercely burst through her subconscious, jutting her fast and hard into a shadowy realm. She saw a mirror image of herself.  She seemed to be identical to this specter of the past but distorted all in the same.  There was a distinct variation in the doppelgänger, an otherness that was strangely imbued with an ominous malevolence. Grand illusions of the Great Pyramids of Giza flashed in her head; she saw Menkaures’s pyramid at the Giza plateau.

The smallest monolith seemed to have some strange meaning as she saw it repeatedly.  Collections of flawless gleaming statue triads stood proud and tall; all of them constructed of alabaster or greywacke.  Akirah saw herself walking through the dazzling palace of the Pharoah. Slave and royal alike respected her, but her appellation had differed from what it was today. Haunting murmurs reverberated through her mind, “Nitiqreti, Pharoah Nitqreti Siptah” Representations of two distinct Pharoahs glided into view, Menkaure and Merenre Nemyemsaf; a sensation of familiar kinship arose inside her, kindling a deluge of both adoration and hatred that she had not felt before.

Wave upon wave of jealousy accumulated in the deepest recesses of her soul. Akirah abhorred this feeling, it made her feel nauseated.  But the worst of it was yet to come. Clandestine schemes, manipulative deceptions, and dark covenants had been consummated and by Nitqreti’s own hand. Behind deified walls, swarms of her brother’s subjects had surreptitiously met with her, fervent in their want to serve the lady who would assert her right to the throne of Egypt.

Lengthy strewn out plans were devised.
Over time, a spacious underground chamber to the palace was added on by the order of Nitqreti herself.  Pharaoh, his closest viziers, acquaintances and an amalgamation of his sworn enemies were assembled under the guise of a magnificent feast and proposed treatise for peace. It was in this singular instance that Nitqreti unleashed all the potent power of the Nile itself through a hidden channel upon all in attendance.

The prevailing river and the blood thirsty Nile crocodiles slaughtered all who would oppose Nitqreti.  At the sight of this diabolical revelation into her mortal life, Akirah was mortified.  She had been as debauched and as crazed as those that she chose to butcher and feed off in her life as an immortal.

What did all this mean? Was it just simple irony or had the gods meant to perpetrate this all upon her? Deliberate or not, the gods- her ancient brethren would no longer decide her fate. Akirah decided she would face all that she had been, and she would choose to rectify it anyway she could, she would be the master and the foundation of her own destiny no matter what the cost. The archaic Nitqreti was no more now and this meant the great slab could be washed away and rewritten if she wished it. And then if these visions had been somehow preternaturally synchronized, to oppose her fervent need for a sense of peacefulness, they commenced again.

The phantasms came swift and hard, fading in and out, but silently all fear of the truth washed asunder. It sloughed from her like clouded skin of an emerald tree boa that sheds to reveal the glittering beauty of the new scales underneath. All was being revealed-- and slowly Akirah felt reawakened, stronger, and more resolute.

She could feel herself sinking deeper into the living earth as she saw her humanity divulge itself more and more. She felt the world coursing through her, melting the shards of the frozen immortal diamonds that had covered her eyes and blinded her from the veracity of her very existence. She was finally freed---exposed and opening to the solar wind that she would claim as her heart and soul....  

The next evening. A time to rest. The entire caravan was exhausted as Akirah had subsequently forgot that she had hired humans for her expedition. They were not the sort that could endure such an arduous journey without relief.  She needed her men to be on top of their game, there was still a great distance to travel yet.  Confidently, she commanded her camel to come to a halt, “shhhhhh….shhhhh” and slowly the noble and gentle dromedary slowed down and finally stopped.

The camel dropped low to the sands below to permit Akirah her dismount. Akirah pat the creature’s head only to whisper, “ Sweet Al mahaliyat orra’iyat dar” ( Sweet Mistress of the Land) and she gifted the dusky, tall majahim beauty with a handful of delectable dates. She watched as the animal happily took the treats from her, then smiled as Al Shamala slowly maneuvered her powerful legs beneath her and took a seated position in the soft, powdery sands.

Akirah dusted the debris and sand from her long khaki cargo pants, she adjusted the obsidian colored pashmina just right over her shoulders. She slipped the Niqab face veil down and took a deep breath in, her penetrating gaze shifted over the span of the desert, decisively determining where the men would set up tents.

Suddenly, she saw her loyal long-standing friend ride up alongside her position. “Khalil, she called out and pointed towards a sector of dunes…” We need to set the tents up clear of those dunes, we do not want another run in with a sandstorm tonight.”

The handsome Khalil nodded in agreement and went to work, he seized the opportunity to lead the group and commanded that they set up camp immediately. “ Expedite the Lady Akirah’s khamya here.” he ordered as he pointed to where she stood.

Faster than she realized the men set her tent up; it was an immense traditional luxury safari majlil dappled in maroon, white and brown stripes. It was surrounded by 4 brilliant lanterns at each corner and outfitted with lush carpets, a plethora of soft cushions, and a hearth for coffee, dining and conversation.

Akirah thanked the men and retired to the inner sanctum of her tent. There she sat in quiet solitude, mulling over the visions that had been revealed to her earlier. She picked up the gilded carafe from the hearth and poured some refreshing water into a copper goblet. As she sipped the invigorating liquid, her heavy eyelids came to a close…  

Again, came the vision of the woman, a beautiful woman with skin as bronze as the desert sun, raven hair and the darkest of eyes. Dark eyes that flashed crimson, she stood with the raging Nile behind her at an ancient ruined temple she did not clearly recognize. She gazed back at me. Staring vacantly and suddenly reaching for me at the very moment I thought to reach for her. And then as the phantasms of my mind gradually faded, I saw her vulnerability, her innate need to control and become stronger than those that opposed her.

I saw her summon the beast. The God that she would bequeath everything to---Set.

“Oh father, Set-Hen I have glimpsed the emerald eye of leviathan and have seen the great Mysteries unseen by those without reverence. I vow to journey through the dark chasms of the abyss only to perform the deeds by which your sacred name commands. On this night, I Nitqreti, immortal child of fire pray unto thee for the gift of the Black Flame, for the ankh of creative wisdom and omnipotent strength. To guide me like the violent churning winds of destruction so I may conquer all I see.

The goddess in my heart is raging blood thirsty Sekhmet and I look to you to reshape in accordance with all your dark fires all my dark secrets and hidden truths. Give way to my lioness. Grant her the power she contains but cannot slake and grant her they freedom she desires most. By your granted power every scourge, every spell shall be obedient to me. Nothing shall prevail that opposes me, nothing ceases that I put into motion. I am to become One with all the powers of darkness.

I have cleaved to the night and I am reborn by thy hand. I am equipped like Set who shall mightily break forth with mine sacrifice of blood, bone and flesh!  With this sacrifice, Hear me. Bless me heathen Lord of the South, Lord of the Desert, of the red land of Kemet.  Send forth your darkness, storms, thunder, lightning, and sacred power to my hands!” Nitqreti brought down the sharp, golden khopesh and with one quick movement, she sliced through the flesh of her lover Tarik. A deluge of blood ran out over the altar.

Ebony swirls of wafting smoke from the burning wickers of a dozen or more illuminated ancient oil lamps culminated in the darkest antechamber. Scarlet rivulets of silk whipped violently as she bowed before the god. Lights danced and flickered as heavy winds and sands surged into the chamber.

Screams of the dying paladins just outside were heard and then she felt him—the touch of his ghastly hand upon her own flesh. A chill ran up her spine and then she felt herself captured by him…her physical body conformed to his very touch.
She belonged to him now and he would satiate himself on her. Her soul, her flesh, and her mind now only belonged to her master Set. He took her in his arms, kissed her violently-claws burrowed into her skin- gnashing teeth pierced her throat. He fell upon her in a pleasure-seeking rage. 

Words dripping with darkness slithered from his mouth, “Malakatay almuzlimat, rabiy earubiun ant li ‘iilaa al’abd. Eubdi, ‘iilaa aljasd huna likhidmtani.” (my dark queen, my goddess, my bride you are forever mine. my slave to the flesh here to only serve me.) 
Synapses of hot electrical fire shot through her entire body leaving her in a ecstasy laden swoon. Akirah woke up –terribly frightened and hauntingly aroused. She took a deep breath in and quickly shook it off. She rose up and began to pace the majlil.  She peered out the tent to see the brilliant moon hanging low over the encampment. All was clear. All was silent. Too silent and there was this sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach…  

She rushed back into the majlil and lit every oil lamp, she picked up her maps and decided it would be best to take her mind off the debauched specters that haunted her this night.

unto set she prays...
Her soul, her flesh, and her mind now only belonged to her master, Set.

send forth thy darkness.
template credit-akirah.


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Writing Template-Pink Clouds by Akirah.


character nameTitle of Drabblesubtitle

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, harum sadipscing scriptorem ius ne, ex nec labitur singulis, ea populo legendos eos. Dicit menandri qui ut. Sed in melius facilis consectetuer, te mei purto case scriptorem. At erat discere vulputate eam. Id per quod salutatus voluptatum, meis consul verear ei mea, vis no exerci melius forensibus.

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No purto lorem labores sed. Et mea eirmod nominavi mediocrem, quot atqui interesset ei sed. Usu an omnium definiebas, pro at bonorum patrioque. Agam nulla munere has an, alia choro scripserit ius ad. Duo et viderer facilisis, no vim vidit erant postea, brute mandamus id cum. Tation accusam duo an.

Virtute diceret nec ei. Sed assum minim at, et vis illud dolor. Eam ei clita quidam alterum, mel eu quis gloriatur concludaturque, nonumy graeco ius et. No bonorum singulis sea, pri ut adhuc discere.

Link to Copy Template: PINK CLOUDS

Leave all my credit on, I know & will recognize my own work You may use on global roleplay or only, provide my link so others may use the template as well.

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Called to Carnage: Akirah's Beginning.

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Laws of the Goddess Akirah-Sekhmet.









-You may not steal anything from my page.

-You may not speak or act for my character.

-My character is mine- official copyrighted to me in my novels, if you choose to reproduce her in any way, shape or form- I will seek retribution by monetary means - simply put I will sue you as surely as you copy anything that belongs to me.

-I am the very FIRST to use this playby - all else are lying thieves if they say otherwise.

-All art on my page is MINE- you are not permitted to take it or use it. I make it all.

-My storyline is of my own creation- steal it and again I will take you to the cleaners.

-OOC is an absolute NO NO NO I have a life and like it the way it is.

-Small talk must be minimal- as I am here to write.

-I am here to create and write with like minded intelligent people not to date anyone!

-Smut & pornographic defaults must be tasteful in order to add me. I prefer no nudes.

-I will accept multi-para or novella players as friends only.

-Know there are several aspects to my character, vampire- succubus- Egyptian goddess and every now & then a mortal form. I prefer vampires and Egyptology as my main verses but ask me for I will dabble in other things if I see potential.

-I all ready am in covens of my own choosing - I care not about yours nor will I join it

-Any rudeness and bitchiness is intolerable to me- I will delete you.

-Overly forward posts to me will result in removal. I am married in real life and my character will only rp sex/erotica with someone I trust.

-If you request, you sign the rules, message me about a potential sl then send the starter- I will decline & ignore anything else.

- I have this character page, a Star Wars character and own art pages, all run by me in my spare time. I have no need to lie, want the links- ask me.

-Writing is to be proofread before sending it to me please.

-Distinguish fantasy between reality or be gone.

-Psychotic and suicidal tendencies are not welcomed here- you have them or are deluded in any way shape or form - leave me alone. I will not be your therapist.

- Negativity is loathsome. I hate it-actually it disgusts me, I hate poor me streams- you have the flu- go to the doctor, you have a mental issue- seek a therapist- I do not want to know or see it constantly posted. it irks me to no end. Life is full of positivity- look around you and stop whining all ready. in other words stop and smell the roses for petes sake!

-I own Touched by a Vampyre Edits & Exotic Magnolia Edits. Want an edit- add my editing pages. I will not edit from this page.

-Go fund me pages and solicitation of any kind irritates me, I will delete you for I am here to write, not pay your bills!

-I have a family and I teach dance &  the French language. I get busy at times. My beautiful reality is my priority always.

-I am genuinely nice unless you seriously piss me off then you will most likely be told. I do not sugar coat anything. (it takes a great deal to piss me off by way)

-Sign these by telling me who your favorite god or goddess is and why....If you do not sign my rules, I may delete you during a deletion spree.


Thanks, Akirah

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