Zara Arwen Beaufort [HOS]

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"Zara Arwen Beaufort [HOS]"
32 years old

United Kingdom -
Last Login: July 26 2021

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Interests: Historical Monarchy Supernatural Fae's Creative Writing
Music: In This Moment
Movies Gods Of Egypt Spartacus X-Men (all)
Television Spartacus The White Queen The White Princess The Tudors Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel Supernatural Teen Wolf The Vampire Diaries The Originals Legacies Bitten Peaky Blinders Sex Life Lucifer
Books Phillipa Gregory

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Here for: Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: No Answer
Body Type: Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Height: 5"3'

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Zara Arwen Beaufort was born on the 21st April. She is the Daughter of Blood Goddess Deity Desdemona and a former Alpha Wolf. But she was raised and adopted by Lord and Lady Reaver, more so Lord Reaver. But she also was raised by her wolf mother Isoldre AbessVeru. Zara is supernatural and so her speecies is that of a Blood Dietie Fury (As is her bilological mother) and Wolf (As was her father.) White Alpha Wolf and Blood Dietie But something happened when she was 15, causing her to accidently kill her first ever boyfriend. She was hunted down but found Isoldre Abess Veru, another she-wolf who took Zara in and raised her, until the time came when Isoldre made Zara chalenge her for the rank as Alpha, but Isoldre issued out defeat and made Zara Alpha of the Veru Wolf Pack at just 18. She was abandoned by birth, raised by stranger's, been hurt and abused and used. She was used for power, forced to kill a parent by a wolf packy by the law elder's, she is still here and standing tall and proud. She will fight any battle till her very last breath and her heart stops beating.

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