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27 years old
Asher, Kentucky
United States - 13470
Last Login: September 14 2021

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Music: She is into some pretty kinky stuff for being insane. She loves being tied up and gagged and tortured. She also sometimes like being the dominant one. You never know what side of her personality your going to get.

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Status: In a relationship
Here for: Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Asher, Kansas
Body Type: Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: No Answer/No Answer
Education: No Answer
Religion: I will let you know . . .
Occupation: Stripper
Height: 5"4'

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Nichole is criminally insane. She has killed more people then she can count, mainly men who get on her bad side. Her parents kept her locked up in a basement just so they didn't have to deal with her. This is when she started making friends with the ghosts and demons inside her own head. She was officially diagnosed with insanity when she was found barbequing her parents, in a house fire. She trapped them in their bedroom just like they had trapped her in the basement. She could hear their screams and plees for help, but all she did was smile well she watched the whole thing burn down and cook her parents alive. She was admitted into a psych ward for evaluation until she broke out. Now shes on the run and has come across a few men that seem to think she is just a piece of meat, well they learnt quick not to mess with her. You never know what side of her personality you will get.
I'm actively seeking out other talented writers and see where it goes. Can't promise you won't get burned a live or worse, but how do you know what will happen if you don't take that chance?. Would love to meet other active writers, I will do smut but that is not the only reason why I am here.

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 Prince [HOS] 
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I love black cock. Hard and rough is how I like it.

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White cock my other favorite meat

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Jax (HOS)

08-11-2021 6:50:25

You just did baby ;)

Jax (HOS)

08-11-2021 3:58:50

You know it baby ;) I'm yours forever

Jax (HOS)

08-11-2021 3:56:33

Forever Blacked ;)

Jax (HOS)

08-11-2021 3:39:45

Oh no baby, I definitely want you. I want you forever

Jax (HOS)

08-11-2021 3:37:49

No, never baby. I'm sorry

Jax (HOS)

08-11-2021 3:36:40

I Miss you badly baby, stay with me?

Jax (HOS)

08-11-2021 3:32:44

I'm so full of cum baby

Jax (HOS)

08-07-2021 11:39:31

Mmm you know it baby, you love being black owned huh baby?

Jax (HOS)

08-07-2021 11:28:18

Mm forever blacked ;)

Jax (HOS)

08-07-2021 10:58:50

Mmm you got that right baby, my white goddess ;)

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